Munich, Nuremburg, Prague, Dresden and Berlin 2020

Albrecht Durer House, Nuremberg, Germany
Antonio Cappella
Arbeit Macht Frei, Dachau, Germany
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Prague, Czech Republic, Charles Bridge
Bridge of Spies
Nuremburg Germany
Nuremburg Onion Domes, Germany
Saints of Nuremburg
Nuremburg Germany
Nuremburg Town Square
Hofbrauhaus, Munich Germany
Nazi Offices, Munich Germany
Hofbrauhaus, Munich Germany
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin
Jan Hus Statue, Prague Czech Republic
Jamie Sullivan, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
Onion Dome, Munich Germany
Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague Czech Republic
Nuremburg Germany
Nuremburg Geramny
Nuremburg, Germany
Potsdam Conference Room
Prague Old Town Square
Baroque Elegance, Old Town Square, Prague
Prague on the Vtalva River
Prague on the Vtalva River
Prague, Czech Republic
Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague Czech Republic
Potsdam Conference
Sans Souci
Stalin's Office, Potsdam Conference
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In March 2020 the Mount Marty University European trip visited various cities in Germany and the Czech Republic. The trip featured guided tours which focused on the history, culture and architecture of Munich, Nuremburg, Prague, Dresden, Berlin, and Potsdam. Highlights included exposure to Munich's connection to the Nazi movement, a guided tour of Dachau, as well as Berlin's role in the events of World War II and the Cold War. We were fortunate to have Antonio Cappella, who also guided us on trips to Italy in 2018 and France and Spain in 2019, as our tour guide.