Missouri River Valley

The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States. As it makes its way from its Montana origins, it dissects the Great Plains, dramatically influencing the flora, fauna, agriculture, and overall landscape of the prairie it nourishes with its live-sustaining waters. As a resident of Yankton, South Dakota, one of the most scenic locales along the river, I have collected a series of photos that seek to represent the natural beauty to be found along this historic, meandering river, known as the Missouri.

Dusk Settles on Lewis and Clark Lake
Niobrara State Park
Missouri River at Niobrara State Park
Niobrara State Park Vista
Riverside Park Yankton
Yankton Primitive Trail
I Went To The Woods
Missouri River Eagle
Lewis and Clark Lake Evening
Lewis and Clark Lake Pastel
Lewis and Clark Lake Sunset
Lewis and Clark State Park
Meridian Bridge in Blue
April Evening on the Missouri
Meridian Bridge at Night
Meridian Fourth of July
Pastel Evening on the Missouri River
Sunset at the Meridian Bridge
Missouri River at Newcastle
Missouri River Evening
Missouri River Eagle
Green Island; Missouri River
Missouri River Living
Missouri River Golden Hour
Ice Grips the Missouri River
Nebraska Bluffs Winter
February on the Missouri River
April Snow on the Missouri
Missouri River Bend
Winter Night on the Missouri
Bishop Marty Chapel Spire
Mulberry Bend Evening
Mulberry Bend Trail
Mulberry Bend on the Missouri
Nebraska Bluffs Lewis and Clark Lake
Autumn Sunset Lewis and Clark Lake
Niobrara River Valley
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