Bighorn Ram
Bighorn Ram
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Posted in Category: [Dancing with the Bighorns 2014]  

A Bighorn Ram on the move against the backdrop of the majestic landscape of Badlands National Park in South Dakota.

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  • David Jensen // 2014-08-18 03:15:46


    Great photos...I guess taken in the Badlands? I'm amazed at how close you are to the animals. It doesn't appear like you used a real long lens. I certainly don't claim to be a wild life photographer; I don't have the patience. But I've been to a fair number of locations where wild life exists--in Colorado, Utah, Montana, Canadian Rockies, etc.--and really enjoy capturing photos of animals when the opportunity arises. It is, perhaps, the ultimate in "capturing the moment," which is what photography is really all about. That and sports photography, which you are also good at doing. You have a keen sense of timing along with a good eye....Dave

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