Nebraska Skyline
Nebraska Skyline
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The Nebraska skyline south of Scottsbluff, Nebraska.

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  • Indiana Bones // 2010-07-22 02:22:36

    Rich has developed such a fine sense of composition. In this picture I am struck by the bold horizontal stripes in the bottom half and the more irregular but still horizontal tendencies at the top. There is even a dotted line (a row of trees?) at the center of the picture. There is the ridge-line on the butte, the subtle geologic strata, a darker green belt then a lighter, all horizantal. Under the dotted line a blonde stripe, a green stripe (with subtle crop lines and then the bottom blonde stripe which low-and-behold has VERTICAL lines, vanishing lines pointing back to the living cloud.
    We don't get clouds like this on the Pacific Coast. Our clouds are flimsy, battered rags by the time they reach us. Nothing like these Mid-Western powerhouses.
    And what amazing color contrast.

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